About us

Discover Belgium’s high quality of Flemish wall hangings in Wielsbeke!

Discover Belgium’s high quality of Flemish wall hangings in Wielsbeke!

We are Belgian company, who are specialised in producing and designing our own tapestries at the weaving mill located in Flanders.

Our region is well-known for tapestries since the Middle Ages.

Wall hangings, now exists in all sizes, but previously they were created to cover big and cold stone walls in castles.  So by this kind of investment, people could display their wealth and power.

Many people were presented on a generally plain background.

Next to painting and sculpture, the tapestry became one of the mayor visual art forms.

Each century had his own typical scenes: e.a.

               15th century:

               mille fleurs tapestries

               16th century:

               hunting, games, …

Flanders Tapestries started the production of his first tapestry about 24 years ago. 

From day one, we wanted to create our own style in tapestries; by making a collection that provides a wide variety in styles and sizes.  Choosing the exact colours for each reproduction of a Masterwork, and not having standard sizes for the whole collection. 

A few years ago, the demand for ‘custom-made tapestries’ began and has grown to a big success.  To have your own exclusive tapestry was important many centuries ago, and again today! 

Until today we are proud to say that our total process is manufactured in Belgium!

Due to the hard economic situation, we like to keep the reputation of tapestries high, as its quality! 

To remain different from our competitors, nowadays we work together with contemporary Artists (worldwide) and pay Royalties, to be protected against copywriting.

Which was already important a few centuries ago, and is one of our main policy rules.